Why Fish with Frontier Charters?

  • Our size makes Frontier the perfect place to host business associates and employee reward/incentive trips
  • For larger groups, 12-16 anglers, we have the ability to customize your trip.
  • The experience of our guides, quality of the gear, and love of fishing is equally pleasing to both avid anglers and those are deep sea fishing for their first time.
  • We plan and provide all the elements of an Alaskan fishing experience so you can seamlessly enjoy your trip, not catch any of the snags, and certainly not get hit with additional costs (think meals, licenses, fish processing, and fuel surcharges.)

“Yes, Frontier Charters and Lodge is a warm and engaging operation, framed by that classic Alaska-wild-vastness allure, and replete with all the amenities, including some of the best, straight-from-the-ocean vittles you’ll ever gnosh. But in the end it’s all about the fishing. All I can say is that these guys are fishing fools, fanatically focused on chasing down the quarry—whether gleaming, rocket propelled salmon or bottom dwelling monsters, like halibut and lingcod—and convincing them to bite. At Frontier Charters you’ll not only bring home the proverbial bacon [thus straining baggage restrictions] but a brain brimming with memories.”
Don Roberts, Contributing Editor, Salmon Trout Steelheader Oregon/Washington Field Editor, Northwest Fly Fishing
“From the minute I stepped off the plane and was met I felt like I was talking to old friends. The view when you first get there is amazing and continues to get better thru the week. The staff and lodge are 1st class and  they make sure all needs are taken care of. The quality of the fish processing is unsurpassed…..This trip is a must on the “bucket list”.”
Tim Sellars, Fisherman's Warehouse
“I first had the pleasure of fishing in Alaska in 1988 in the Ketchikan area at Sea Otter Sound with a group of Navy WW11 pilots. We had great success there for a few years and then looking for a change of venue moved northwest to Sitka where I first became acquainted with Mac (Stony Huffman). He was a young, somewhat precocious, always very hard working, cheerful, talented fisherman, guide, storyteller and companion working with another outfitter. We became friends and enjoyed many an outing on the waters of Sitka sound and the inside passages catching limits of King and Silver Salmon in addition to Halibut and the ample rock fish with the occasional whale and eagle watching and photographing. When he set out on his own, I began taking my group to his new location and I’m very proud to be a charter member of his very successful operation. His lodge is one of the finest you can find in all the Southeastern Alaska waters indeed I have been fortunate to take clients and employees to Macs place and they have all come away very happily impressed. The views from the lodge decks, food, comfortable accommodations, in house fish processing, watercraft, fishing equipment and the friendly and competent house staff and guides are unexcelled in my experience and with the grace of God and good health I look forward to many more years of the same.”
Andy Weber, Alameda, CA
“The fishing in Sitka is simply phenomenal, and the folks at Frontier Charters and Lodge go the extra mile to ensure all who arrive, are treated to an outdoor adventure, second to none.  I have fished all over the world, and had been to Alaska several times prior to booking a trip with Frontier Charters. I had always had great success, but I was eager to try Southeast Alaska.  I was not disappointed. My accommodations at the lodge were outstanding, the food, was to say the least, gourmet. While fishing, limits were the rule, Kings, Silvers, Lingcod, Halibut, as well as every bottom fish known to man. Not to mention, fantastic shrimping and crabbing. The guides were very knowledgeable, super friendly and always busy trying to keep us in the action. I have never seen a more dedicated and professional crew, at a lodge, or on a boat. Heading up this team is owner and operator Mac Hoffman. When introduced to Mac, I immediately knew where his crew got its work ethic. He oversaw every detail, from accommodations, gourmet food, fishing, and fish processing. I have been back many times since my first visit, and will continue to refer anyone looking for a true Alaskan adventure. My wife has joined me in the past as well, and while not being an avid fisherman, she has said she would love to return anytime I am willing to take her. Fish on!”
Bart M. Glass, Avalon, CA